Trailers Without Pity

Trailers Without Pity is a semi-weekly animated web series for NBCUniversal/Bravo’s Television Without Pity which reviews movie trailers. It’s written, voiced, and edited by my brother Omar and myself. Additionally, I handle all illustration, design and animation. The series has run on TWoP’s site since October 2008.

Here is our most recent episode:

This episode guide links to blog posts with embedded versions of each video housed on Omar Gallaga’s blog Terribly-Happy where some of the production and ideas are given context, and also provides direct links to the videos on Television Without Pity,


Season Zero


Episode Movie Description TWOP link Airdate
0 Hancock Originally called Trailers Trashed, this was the test-run episode that led to Trailers Without Pity. N/A June 24, 2008


Season One


Episode Movie Description TWOP link Airdate
1-1 Quantum of Solace In the debut episode, Pablo and Omar try to figure out how much Quantum is in a Solace. TWOP link. Oct. 7, 2008
1-2 Watchmen Is Zach Snyder really legendary enough to pull off adapting the graphic novel? No, it turns out. TWOP link. Oct. 20, 2008
1-3 Fast & Furious Vin Diesel goes vroom vroom! 2 much so. TWOP link. Nov. 3, 2008
1-4 The Tale of Despereaux Little adventurous, possibly suicidal, mouse — big world. TWOP link. Nov. 11, 2008
1-5 The Curious Case of Benjamin Button Wait a minute, if he’s aging backward and his wife dates him when he’s a child, does that make her a pedophile? TWOP link. Nov. 17, 2008
1-6 Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince Harry looks deeply into the pensieve and we look deeply into Harry’s movie trailer. TWOP link. Nov. 24, 2008
1-7 Star Trek To boldly reboot a tired franchise with Hot Uhura and the bad guy from Heroes TWOP link Dec. 2, 2008
1-8 Valkyrie A movie about Nazis released on Christmas day? What could be better? TWOP link Dec. 10, 2008
1-9 Bride Wars Animated Samuel L. Jackson lends a hand to sort through this chick-flick shit. TWOP link. Dec. 16, 2008
1-10 Terminator Salvation We came back to the future to tell you about this movie… but not too much because… PARADOX! TWOP link. Dec. 24, 2008
1-11 X-Men Origins: Wolverine Remember when Hugh Jackman did that Air Jordan homage, fighting a damn helicopter? Good times. TWOP links. Jan. 6, 2009
1-12 Monsters vs. Aliens The Poor Man’s Pixar scores by not being a fakey-fakey Howard’s End knockoff. TWOP link. Jan. 22, 2009
1-13 Knowing The premonitionistic thriller suffers at the hands of Omar’s Nicolas Cage impression. TWOP link. Feb. 3, 2009
1-14 G.I. Joe In which Destro has no cool mask and The Baroness gains a boob job. TWOP link. Feb. 18, 2009
1-15 Tranformers: Revenge of the Fallen We’ll put in some jive-talking robots and make Megan Fox run around for three hours. What could go wrong? TWOP link. March 4, 2009
1-16 Funny People We’d line up for anything Judd Apatow does, no matter how serious and self-important he might get; that’s the problem with this movie, actually. Bonus audio clip! TWOP link. March 21, 2009
1-17 Public Enemies Michael Mann lines up an incredible cast for some gangster action, see? Mwah, see? TWOP link. April 1, 2009
1-18 Where the Wild Things Are Omar finds himself less psyched about the movie than most by making the mistake of reading the book as an adult. TWOP link. April 14, 2009
1-19 G-Force Relax, hip comedians. We’re not going to take you to task for cashing the paycheck on a crappy movie like this. Much. TWOP link. April 28, 2009
1-20 The Boat That Rocked Before it was renamed to Pirate Radio, this romantic comedy/music romp seemed promising. TWOP link. May 12, 2009
1-21 Inglourious Basterds Holy crap, what are we gonna do with 800 Nazi scalps? We’re gonna need, like… a Scalpatorium! TWOP link. May 27, 2009
1-22 Brüno Sacha Baron Cohen goes beyond Borat into way gay territory. Hope you like comedic assplay! TWOP link. June 10, 2009
1-23 I Love You, Beth Cooper The more teen movies change, the more they stay exactly the same. It helps when you steal like crazy. TWOP link. June 23, 2009
1-24 District 9 How clever was that documentary-style trailer that never showed the aliens? Too clever. TWOP link. July 8, 2009
1-25 Gamer Grab your joystick! Or whatever they use to play the home game of The Running Man in ¡El Futuuuuuro! TWOP link. July 21, 2009
1-26 Jennifer’s Body The one with the photo of Omar trying to hand Megan Fox a flower. TWOP link. Aug. 3, 2009
1-27 Surrogates Virtual facsimiles of Omar G. and Pablo G. discuss the living-by-proxy sci-fi film. It’s a foxy proxy. TWOP link. Aug. 18, 2009
1-28 Avatar Who knew it would be the biggest movie of all time? James Cameron, probably. Yeah, that sonofabitch probably knew. TWOP link. Sept. 2, 2009
1-29 Zombieland Are zombies totally over? Damn, man, like not even close! Our oven-roasted brains needed more. TWOP link. Sept. 16, 2009
1-30 2012 Uncle Pepe makes a cameo as we discuss the Mayan-calendar influenced apocalyptic thriller. TWOP link. Sept. 30, 2009
1-31 A Christmas Carol CGI Jim Carrey rides… a crotch rocket of some sort? Because of Christmas? OK, then. TWOP link. Oct. 13, 2009
1-32 Ninja Assassin Holy crap, did you see that knife? And that sword? And the throwing stars? Neither did those dead guys. TWOP link. Oct. 28, 2009
1-33 Sherlock Holmes Sherlock Holmes kickboxes? God’s own jumper cables, Robert Downey Jr., can breathe life into anything. You’ll see! TWOP link. Nov. 11, 2009
1-34 The Wolfman Hirsute Benicio Del Toro, we salute you. With our hairy arms. TWOP link. Nov. 29, 2009
1-35 Alice in Wonderland Why don’t you two just get a room already, Tim Burton and Johnny Depp? I mean, damn. TWOP link. Dec. 7, 2009


Season Two

Episode Movie Description TWOP link Airdate
2-1 Clash of the Titans Kraken? Don’t you mean delicious, mouth-watering crackers? No? OK, our bad. TWOP link. Feb. 9, 2010
2-2 Iron Man 2 Robert Downey Jr. is better than Steve Jobs, but his nemesis Mickey Rourke looks like an Erector Set. TWOP link. Feb. 24, 2010
2-3 Kick-Ass The Google Generation gets its violent fantasia/comic book superhero movie. We feel old! TWOP link. March 12, 2010
2-4 Sex and the City 2 I’m a Samantha! I’m a Charlotte! Guess what? Nobody cares! TWOP link. March 22, 2010
2-5 Toy Story 3 Little Andy! All grow’d up! Excuse us while we cry for two hours. TWOP link. April 5, 2010
2-6 Knight and Day What the Hell IS this Tom Cruise/Cameron Diaz movie!? Social scientists are still trying to sort out the wreckage. TWOP link. April 20, 2010
2-7 The A-Team Parachuting tank firing action!? Mohawks?! Liam Neeson?! It all seemed so awesome, once upon a time. TWOP link. May 7, 2010
2-8 Dinner For Schmucks Yes it’s true, we could not resist the siren song of a movie with a synonym for “Penis” in the title. TWOP link. May 25, 2010
2-9 Inception Christopher Nolan is all, “Remember how I blew your mind? Get ready for the Re-Blow-Ening.” TWOP link. June 4, 2010
2-10 Scott Pilgrim vs. The World Grab your hoodie, it’s about to get twee like Mario Bros. 3 in here. Beware the Michael Cera backlash! TWOP link. June 23, 2010
2-11 Piranha 3-D “You’re missing it! Tuna got mad!” In 3-D! TWOP link. June 29, 2010
2-12 The Expendables Every action actor ever tries to match up to the awesome that is Terry Crews. Most will fail. TWOP link. July 14, 2010
2-13 Machete Grab your Hispanic Puro Raza Oye Como Va ID card! It’s about to get all Spanglishy up en la casa! TWOP link. Aug. 2, 2010
2-14 The Social Network “Like” it? I “Superpoked” it! Uh… friend. TWOP link. Aug 10, 2020
2-15 Red Come for the retired A-list hitmen, but stay for our super-creepy animated Morgan Freeman! TWOP link. Aug. 25, 2010
2-16 Due Date Robert Downey Jr. and Zach Galifianakis try to give birth to 8 lbs. of healthy American comedy. TWOP link. Sept. 9, 2010
2-17 Morning Glory It turns out America didn’t want to see a comedy about a national morning TV show. But you could watch a video about that comedy! TWOP link. Sept. 22, 2010
2-18 Burlesque Living monument and fishnet pioneer Cher smacks down Christina Aguilera and her off-putting dance moves. TWOP link. Oct. 12, 2010
2-19 Tron Legacy Where were you damn hipster neo-geeks when Omar was sad and lonely, watching Tron by himself, wearing thick glasses? TWOP link. Oct. 19, 2010
2-20 Black Swan Darren Aronosfky makes Natalie Portman cry and gets called a genius. Lars Von Trier must be jealous. TWOP link. Nov. 2, 2010

Season Three

Episode Movie Description TWOP link Airdate
3-1 Battle: Los Angeles What if Independence Day and District 9 had a three-way with Black Hawk Down that resulted in a baby? Man, that’s one ugly baby. TWOP link. Jan. 31, 2011
3-2 Sucker Punch Hey, isn’t this by that guy that ruined Watchmen? TWOP link. Feb. 15, 2011
3-3 Scream 4 Aren’t you a little old to be running from serial killers in a movie? TWOP link. March 1, 2011
3-4 Water for Elephants Who doesn’t love a circus? Well, the elephants, probably. TWOP link. March 28, 2011
3-5 Thor A hero and a hammer and some Norse Code. TWOP link. April 4, 2011
3-6 Cars 2 It’s not just us, right? These vehicles are completely soulless, correct? TWOP link. April 19, 2011
3-7 X-Men: First Class It’s a prequel because, frankly, the non-quel movies weren’t really working anymore. TWOP link. May 3, 2011
3-8 Super 8 J.J. Abrams tries to capture that old Spielberg magic; we’ll cry even if he doesn’t. TWOP link. May 17, 2011
3-9 Green Lantern In brightest day, in darkest night, please don’t let this movie be as goofy as it might. TWOP link. June 3, 2011
3-10 Cowboys & Aliens Harrison Ford acts grumpy while Daniel Craig shoots aliens while riding a horse. TWOP link. June 15, 2011
3-11 Rise of the Planet of the Apes Monkeys take over the world. And we’re not totally against that! TWOP link. June 28, 2011
3-12 Conan the Barbarian He’s not just strong, he’s Pec-Tacular! TWOP link. July 14, 2011
3-13 Moneyball Sabermetrics! It’s what’s for statistical analysis to win at baseball (and for dinner)! TWOP link. July 26, 2011

Season Four

Episode Movie Description TWOP link Airdate
4-1 The Muppets Jim Henson’s felt family returns to theaters. That could be great, right? TWOP link. Nov. 3, 2011
4-2 New Year’s Eve Garry Marshall has his way with another holiday, this time with an ominous countdown. TWOP link. Nov. 15, 2011
4-3 The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo David Fincher + extremely popular gritty material with another Trent Reznor soundtrack? Just start engraving the Oscars already. TWOP link. Dec. 1, 2011
4-4 War Horse How will Steven Spielberg direct a touching tale of a boy and his horse for Christmas? By subbing in “Ho ho ho” with “Hay hay hay.” TWOP link. Dec. 14, 2011
4-5 The Grey Liam Neeson battles ridiculous wolf puppets in a snowy wilderness. Awooo! TWOP link. Jan. 9, 2012
4-6 Star Wars Episode 1 – The Phantom Menace in 3D We’re not keen on seeing this one again in ANY dimension. TWOP link. Jan. 19, 2012
4-7 The Hunger Games The tale of Katniss, as played by Jennifer Lawrence, and her contest to the death is like catnip for us! TWOP link. Feb. 2, 2012
4-8 American Reunion When a pie-humping boy becomes a pie-humping man with a wife, a kid and a mortgage. TWOP link. Feb. 17, 2012
4-9 The Avengers This has, like, a LOT of superheroes. If you’re into that sort of thing. TWOP link. March 2, 2012
4-10 Prometheus The prequel to Alien that has geeks aflutter and atwitter and a facehuggin’. TWOP link. March. 15, 2012
4-11 The Dictator Can Sacha Baron Cohen retame the wild comedy genre he helped create? TWOP link. March 29, 2012
4-12 The Amazing Spider-Man The superhero movie with the best hair you’ve ever seen. TWOP link. April 11, 2012
4-13 The Dark Knight Rises Christopher Nolan is like, “And THAT’S how you end a Batman trilogy. I’m OUT!” TWOP link. April 26, 2012

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